National Judicial School

The National Judicial School Justice Sálvio de Figueiredo (Enfam) is the Brazilian judicial education’s governing body. Its mission is to regulating, supervising and offering official courses for ingress and promotion on the magistracy. The School was created with the Constitutional Amendment 45 of 2004, which promoted the recast of the Brazil’s Judicial Power.

Working in parallel with the Superior Court of Appeals (STJ), the Enfam became a reference center for all Brazilian judge schools. Enfam has as its responsibility to set the basic guidelines to the development and improvement of the sixteen thousand judges all over Brazil. The School also promotes research, discussions and studies about juridical themes, and advance cooperation and exchange with national and foreigner institutions linked with judicial education.

The Enfam offers complementary training to magistrates, with emphasis in practical and management activities. With this, the School means to qualify the magistracy to act as a political agent in an institutional Brazilian setting – always in agreement with the society wishes and the constitutional guidelines.

Acting in partnership with various judicial schools and with universities, Enfam became a reference in education and production of juridical knowledge. In six years, it accredited more than 1.500 courses.

In August 2010 the Enfam installed its campus in Brasília – DF. Since December 2013, the institution is directed by STJ´s Justice João Otávio de Noronha. In its name, the School honored the retired STJ´s Justice Sálvio de Figueiredo Teixeira, departed in February 2013. The magistrate was one of the institution main planners.